Spreading Awareness

This Ribbon Matters™

Thank you for visiting our page to learn more about the Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon.

The story begins in 2009,  when Sheri Burdine, the founder of the organization was searching for the hydrocephalus awareness ribbon on the internet. She became frustrated and discouraged to see so many awareness ribbons for so many causes, but not one that unified and symbolized the hydrocephalus community. Her search discovered almost every color of the rainbow, as well as multiple graphics, such as butterflies, flowers, hearts and other shapes. None of which she felt connected too.

In 2010, she had made her mind up to start her own nonprofit organization and do things a little different from others. She wanted to help people and celebrate them for their bravery while battling hydrocephalus.On March 17, 2011 (the luckiest day of the year) Hydro Angels Over America was officially a 501C 3 nonprofit. While she and the Board of Directors celebrated, she still had a longing to have a symbol of unity. Once again, she looked on the internet and to her surprise she came across a ribbon that hit her heart. "That's it!" She shouted. The ribbon was a shade or two off of what she wanted, but the concept was perfect. After some searching, she found the woman who designed it. Several phone calls, emails, and color changes later, the Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon was complete and ready to make history! This ribbon is unique, just as hydrocephalus is. With the light blue, royal blue and the water drop to symbolize CSF it is a perfect awareness ribbon to represent infants to elderly living with hydrocephalus around the world. 

Changing lives one ribbon at a time!

Hydro Angels Over America proudly launched the "This Ribbon Matters™" campaign in 2012 and the hydrocephalus community accepted it with excitement and an extreme appreciation.

Though Ms. Burdine, who also lives with hydrocephalus was hopeful that the ribbon would catch on, her wildest dreams have come true. This ribbon has been accepted globally, and in fact can be seen on race cars, t-shirts, cups, hats, mugs, magnets, pins, etched on glass, metal, and wood. It is printed in books, brochures, and other material. It's on fingernails, toenails, cheeks and heads. It has also been proudly tattooed on the bodies of hydro warriors, and on parents of children, friends and family who love someone living with hydrocephalus. Our organization has an online Hydro Store where many of these products are sold all over the USA, as well as in 16 other Countries (so far)! Also, it was truly a historical moment for Ms. Burdine when she was able to go to Washignton DC during the Rally for Medical Research to pin this ribbon on Members of Congress in 2014 & 2015.

We are so happy people all over have come up with special ways to use the ribbon for their own awareness efforts. We are so proud that in just a few short years, the ribbon that started as a dream in the mind and heart of a woman from Texas, has grown to be a global phenomenon!

Meet the designer and her inspiration

Now, lets meet the inspiration behind the ribbon, Mr. Kyle Bates and the designer, his wife, Desiree, also from Texas. Mr. & Mrs. Bates are an all American family with jobs, children, pets, and dealing with hydrocephalus. Its safe to say, life is busy.

One day Desiree had the same thought as Sheri,"hydrocephalus needed a ribbon as powerful as the "pink" ribbon has become." So she set out to try to create a ribbon and solicited ideas from people on Facebook. Her final version (as close to perfect as it was) is the ribbon that Sheri found. The Bates family was very excited about the collaboration, agreed to a color adjustment, and a launch with our organization. Her dream was also to have this ribbon recognized all over the world. With the help of Hydro Angels Over America her dream came true. ~

In 2014 Hydro Angels Over America honored Desiree & Kyle Bates for their efforts of spreading awareness. They were presented an appreciation award in front of over one hundred of their friends & peers at the Hydro Angel Awards held after the Hydrocephalus Conference. There was many cheers and some tears.

    On behalf of Kyle & Desiree Bates, our organization and Sheri Burdine, we thank you for making THIS RIBBON MATTER!