“...Not every amazing organization is research focused. And yet, they save lives, support thousands, and change the world.

- Sheri A. Burdine


Hydrocephalus research is important. We applaud the researchers who are searching for a cure and the donors who are funding the research. Hydro Angels Over America supports research efforts by advocating for the hydrocephalus community. We are proud sponsors of the Rally for Medical Research held each September in Washington D.C.
We are proactive in assisting with Bills to better the quality of life for those living with hydrocephalus. We encouage all families and individuals to make their voice heard by telling their story to their State Represenatives.

Notice to Donors

The funds donated to us will support our programs & services. 

1) Fund the worlds only Camp Hydrocephalus™ 

2) Fund the Hydro Health Financial Assistance program

3) Fund the Project Daisy™ Burial Assistance program

4) Fund our Continuing Education Scholarships

5) Fund  Holiday Miracle's and  grant Dream Come True wishes

6) Fund our Hydro Bear™ Care packages

7) Fund the printing of our educational material

8) Fund our awareness and advocacy efforts 

9) Fund our educational events and conferences

10) All donations will support infants to elderly living with hydrocephalus in a variety of ways

For more information on where your donation dollars go, please visit our homepage and click on any of the program & services links. Or you can contact us and we will be happy supply you details.  

We thank you for your support.

We will continue to do our best as a 501 C 3 nonprofit charity to keep full transparency, honesty, and integrity our highest goal.

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Promoting Hydrocephalus Research efforts in Washington D.C.