Our Mission Statement

"To support, educate, and advocate on behalf of the hydrocephalus community."

Our Vision

"To create a world where hydrocephalus awareness is at the forefront of public attention."

Our Goal

"To be devoted to individuals and families affected by hydrocephalus, so they are not alone. As well as, be partnered with medical professionals dedicated to helping and understanding the needs of those dealing with the complex issues of hydrocephalus."

Our Story

Hydro Angels Over America is a 501 C 3 Nonprofit. We support infants to elderly living with hydrocephalus. Our journey started in 2010 as a local Texas based charity, but did not stay that way for long. We quickly responded to a national need, and have even supported those outside of the USA. We are an all volunteer operated charity. Every person involved in the growth of this organization helps from the heart. We are the only nonprofit that offers emergency financial funds, host Camp Hydrocephalus, and we make Dreams Come True and Holiday Miracles come true exclusively for families and individuals living with hydrocephalus. We also offer educational material, have the one & only Hydro Store offering hydrocephalus awareness products featuring the globally recognized Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon that we proudly launched in 2012. We award college scholarships, as well as host special events. We are proud to serve the hydrocephalus community in a variety of ways.

Doing good feels good! 

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The Board

Our Board of Directors bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to our organization, and all share the desire to change lives. Thank you to all our current and past Board Members for providing the direction to help shape Hydro Angels Over America into the wonderful organization it is today. We look forward to the future.

President - Sheri Burdine is a resident of New Braunfels, Texas. She is a mother of two healthy grown children and a Grammy of three beautiful grandchildren. She was a nurse in her twenties, a music industry business owner and Songwriter in her thirties. She is the founder of Hydro Angels Over America and has dedicated her 40's (plus) to this cause, as well as written and  published three books about hydrocephalus. Her personal experience living with hydrocephalus and her business sense, as well as life-experiences make her a true asset to the cause.  She has become an unofficial student of nonprofit law completing several workshops on the subject.

Secretary - Georgia Wells is a resident of New Braunfels, Texas. She holds a BA in Speech Communications and Public Relations. She has been a volunteer with the Lions for over 19 years and has been a Lion member for 9 years, during this time has held various officer positions including President. She has also served as President of the Board for the Community Service Center. She enjoys photography and spending time with Family and volunteering for local, as well as National Nonprofits. She has been a loyal supporter and volunteer of Hydro Angels Over America since 2008. She has been touched by hydrocephalus through her longtime childhood friend, and the daughter of another friend. She is proud to be a Board Member and looks forward to serving the hydrocephalus community

Treasurer - Shae Dimotsis is a resident of San Antonio, Texas. She grew up in the New Braunfels, Texas area. She is married and has three boys and one girl. She is employed at AllState in a management position. She has a caring heart for others, and is a loyal volunteer at the Hydrocephalus events since 2007. She is proud to be the Treasurer.

Community Outreach

Jane Mitchell is a resident of Austin, Texas and the mother of a grown daughter who has hydrocephalus. She was our past Treasurer and has now transitioned into our lead Community Outreach Volunteer. She attends and supports every event hosted by our organization. She is a loyal, valued asset to Hydro Angels Over America. 

Misti Dickey is a resident of Dallas, Texas and has hydrocephalus. She is dedicated to supporting others through assisting with phone and email reponses. She is always ready to help in any way and attends as many hydrocephalus events that she and her husband can.

In 1972, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., and Samuel Beard founded The Jefferson Awards for Public Service to establish a Nobel Prize for public and community service. Local winners are ordinary people who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition

Meet The Founder

    My name is Sheri Burdine, and I have hydrocephalus. I am so thankful you found our organization. Before I go any further, I want you to know, you are not alone.

    I started my journey at the age of 11 years old. Prior to discovering I had hydrocephalus, I was a "normal" child progressing along in life and school. It wasn't until my 10th year of life that I started having symptoms of hydrocephalus. This would lead us to 6 months of repeated trips to the emergency room, only to be sent home with a varied assortment of misdiagnoses.

    It wasn't until I collapsed on the soccer field in the 6th grade and was rushed to the hospital is San Antonio,TX where they did a CT scan and finally diagnosed me with "aqueductal stenosis" which caused my hydrocephalus. That afternoon I had my first ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt placed. At this time I had a fixed shunt valve, and did very well. However, as with all shunts they fail. I went on to have eight revisions during my childhood.

    In the late 90's about the age of 29, I had a shunt revision that lead to a severe shunt infection. After weeks of treatment, a blood transfusion, and a lot of pain & suffering the doctor decided a ventriculoatrial shunt (VA) would be best. After recovery I did very well with my new VA shunt.

    In January of 2002 at the age of 35, my shunt failed. I ended up in the emergency room without a neurosurgeon, as my beloved Doctor Partain had passed away. This was a very, stressful, and scary time for me. The on call surgeon took me as a patient. He decided he would revise my shunt to a programmable valve and leave the placement as a VA shunt. Thankfully I learned to live with the new shunt after several months and several adjustments over the years. I discovered, fixed valves and programmable valves are very different and do take some getting use too.

    On March 15, 2012  after knowing for several months my shunt was not working right, a shunt flow study proved me right. However, this time, my neurosurgeon did not want to revise the shunt, as he felt I was "to complicated" and a high risk. I was traumatized. This set me on a four year journey of living with a partially clogged VA catheter and a slew of symptoms. I began my search trying to find a neurosurgeon to take me as a patient and revise my malfunctioning shunt. Thankfully, January 2016, I found Doctor Luke Tomycz in Austin, TX who was up for the challenge. To date, I have had eleven shunt revisions, the last being February 2016. For the record, a shunt revision means brain surgery!

    My journey has not been as hard as some, yet harder than others. As with everyone who lives with this chronic condition their journey is unique. I have been blessed with having a great life in spite of the challenges of hydrocephalus and a seizure disorder.  But through it all, I am thankful for all the goals I have met and memories I have made. One of my most treasured moments in my life was the day I decided to help others living with hydrocephalus. Thankfully, Hydro Angels Over America (formally Over Texas) has grown into a wonderful national 501 C 3 nonprofit that has changed lives; mine included.

                                                                                                                                                         ~Sheri A. Burdine

- Author of The Journey of Hydro Bear© educational 3 book set.

- Awarded the 2010 Morgan’s Wonderland Walk of Fame and presented with a butterfly with her named etched on it for all to see, permanently embedded on their Walk of Fame sidewalk. This honor was presented to her because of her loyal service to the hydrocephalus community.

- March 2012 she was honored with ‘The Jefferson Award’ presented by Randy Beamer of News4 - 

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