Welcome to our "other events" page!

Below you will see some amazing events that people (just like you) dreamed up, then called Hydro Angels; and together we coordinated an event to benefit our organization's programs & services. That's how great people, with great minds and BIG HEARTS change the world!

We provide all the technical support, printing, logo design, and other details to make sure your event is a success. If you have an ideaSign Up

Check out our Hydro Angels signature events too! Link is on homepage.

School Events are Awesome! Ask your school to get involved. We can help.

Mastermind - Hydro Warrior Emily Edwards (Louisiana) 

Lace up your shoes and jog for Hydrocephalus! Great school or runners club event.

Mastermind - Charles Wright Varsity Volleyball Team (Harbor,WA) Let us help you start one! Dig it?

This is a fun way to get the whole school, Troop, or other organization involved in a (1) day fun-raiser! Fill your bucket,tally up, win prizes, and fund the cause!

Your change really can change lives. Let us help you have a "change" Day!

MastermindNurse Alvarado, Heritage Elementry (San Antonio, TX) Penny for your thoughts was an educational fundraiser. Children brought pennies to school for (7) days - when they donated they were given information on hydrocephalus. The class with the most funds raised had an icecream party compliments of Sonic Drive-in!

Great awareness efforts for the students who had hydrocephalus at her school. You can do this too!

Hoops for Hydrocephalus is a  Student/Teacher fundraiser challenge.It's an easy, fun way to raise funds while having fun. Plus earn bragging rights!

If you love basketball, you'll love this fundraiser. First  hosted in 2013 at Lubbock Christian School, (Lubbock,TX.)  

Mastermind- (Hydro Warrior) Macky Duncan (center) and the student body at Canyon Middle School hosted a Hydro Bear Fundraiser. This was a very easy and successful event. He raised over $500 and donated the funds towards a continuing education scholarship!    (New Braunfels, TX)

We LOVE you too, Marion ISD! (TX) Thank you for your support. You rock! This event was in honor of Hydro Warrior Cason 

Canyon High School hosted SPUD week - they donated $5,800. to Hydro Angels!

Independent Consultants Raise funds!

Business owner goes above & beyond for her Hydro Warrior Morgan and our organization! Head shout-outs cover her office walls with customers writing their names & well wishes when donating to the cause. This fundriaser offers customers other perks too! (San Antonio, TX)

Amazing effort by the Student Council and students of Canyon High School, (New Braunfels, TX) We were honored to be selected as your 2013 charity of choice! Thank you. "We still believe in heroes too- becuase you are ours!"

Hydrocephalus Awareness Rock Concert

Matermind - Hydro Warrior Scott Thomas

    Supported by the East Tennessee Music Scene