Write a Letter

 Each year at Christmas time, Hydro Santa waits with excitement to open letters from Hydro Warriors all over the country. Each letter is filled with heartfelt words from parents, friends, and Hydro Warriors who hope for a little holiday joy! 

Since starting the program we have given thousands away in gifts to help brighten the hearts of those living with hydrocephalus. Send your letter to Hydro Santa and maybe this Christmas You will be granted a Holiday Miracle!


All letters must be submitted by November 25

The only requirement is the person receiving the Holiday Miracle must have hydrocephalus. 

E-mail  a letter and picture of your Hydro Warrior or yourself and tell us about your journey living with hydrocephalus and what your Holiday Miracle wish would be. Make sure you address it to Hydro Santa! Send to: Support@HydroAngelsOverAmerica.org

You can also mail a letter & picture to:

Hydro Santa C/O Hydro Angels -  

PO BOX 311901

New Braunfels, Texas 78131

It all began with Baby Klaus. December 2010 Hydro Angels responded to a call for help. Baby Klaus needed medical attention right away. We worked with a local doctor David Jimenez, MD and soon baby Klaus and his family were transported to University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas though the Hydro Healthâ„¢ program. We reached national media attention for hydrocephalus and our efforts to save his life. During his stay Christmas was on the way. Baby Klaus and his brother, sister and parents were calling the hospital home for the holidays. Hydro Angels soared into action and the Holiday Miracle program was started. Together with Bank Of America, the community and the hospital staff, we made a Holiday Miracle come true to include a Christmas party celebration where Santa and loads of gifts were given to the family. The program name came from Baby Klaus's dad saying, "this is truly a holiday miracle." 
                                       - We could not agree more.

Since 2010 Holiday Miracles have been arriving at the homes of kids and adults living with hydrocephalus all over the Country! Here is a peek at some of the smiles created by Hydro Santa. 

2015 was a big Holiday Miracle for Hydro Warrior Elizabeth who wished she could meet super star Ross Lynch and his band R5. Hydro Santa worked his magic with Hollywood Records and she was granted a VIP Holiday Miracle!

Hydro Santa is waiting for your letter... Ho Ho Ho 

We have also had the excitement of making a young Hydro Warrior named Levi a true holiday miracle come true.He was named and sworn in as a Jr. Deputy Sheriff of his home town. Holiday Miracles Happen!      Read More

A labor of love paid off big! For almost 1 year Hydro Angels Over America searched for a  company to partner with us to help Hydro Warrior James. Thankfully December 2014 his Holiday  Miracle happened!

Together with donated funds, we were able to surprise him with his Holiday Miracle Van! 

CHECK OUT our VIP Special Holiday Miracle's 

Another exciting Holiday Miracle was surprising Hydro Warrior Joshy who wanted nothing more than to meet Spongebob & Hydro Bear and to have them come to his house for a party.  Spongetastic Holiday Miracles Happen!

From XBOX & PS4

to Disney World,

Special Needs Trikes

a Flute a Camera,

Laptop, Gifts Galore.

 A Rocking Horse, trampoline,

Clothes and  so many Toys!

Your WISH becomes a

Holiday Miracle for you to enjoy!

If you have been a good girl or boy.

Send Hydro Santa

a letter so he can come

knocking on your door!

Merry Christmas to all the Hydro Warrior's around the world!

We love you.