(2013) Hydro Warrior Bryan was awarded the Hydro Angel Award. He loves the Dallas Mavericks and they gave him some love back! Mavs dancers presented him with a team autographed basketball, an official autographed jersey, and a VIP experience at the game. Plus, he was whisked off to Portland Maine where enjoyed 4 days as a VIP sightseeing and eating lobster!  Dreams do come true!

(2014) Hydro Warrior Bridget was awarded the Hydro Angel Award. She was granted her dream come true to meet Randy Horton of the WWE, where she was treated to the VIP experience. She was also granted a trip to Disney World and attended the 2014 Hydrocephalus conference in Austin, Texas.

Dreams do come true! 

“...Thank you everyone invloved for making Fallon's dream come true, you are all amazing people. You show us making a difference in other peoples lives, makes a difference in our own. God bless each of you as he has blessed us with your friendship.

- Mike Turner - Hydro Dad

   Everyone deserves a little happiness in life. Living with a chronic medical condition can be very hard and challenging, both physically and financially. We want to help take the worries away even if it is just for a day. The Hydro Angel Award is presented to an amazing child or adult each year who is living with hydrocephalus. The award includes recognition and a dream come true. 
  Just like the Holiday Miracle wish come true, the person is nominated for the Hydro Angel Award and Dream Come True. All you need to do is write a letter and tell us why this person should be the next Hydro Angel Award honoree and win a Dream Come True!

You must include the details of the dream come true he/she is hoping for. 

  You can email us at: Support@HydroAngelsOverAmerica.org
Or mail us at:

                           PO BOX 311901                                               New Braunfels, Texas 78131

(2011) Hydro Warrior Fallon was awarded the Hydro Angel Award. Fallon had always dreamed of attending the Mr. Olympia competition held in Las Vegas. She is a wheelchair Body builder and a true Hydro Warrior. Hydro Angels, along with some special friends made her dream come true. She attended as a VIP, stayed in a deluxe hotel, red carpet treatment and even met the incredible Hulk!  We also arranged for her to be featured in Austin Fit Magazine. Dreams do come true!

Will Strong Jr.

Matthew Cross

Jeff Barnes

(2016) Hydro Warrior Jason was awarded the Hydro Angel Award. He was granted his dream come true to meet Blake Shelton. He and his mother took a road trip to Kansas where they were treated to a VIP experience to include: VIP Gold backstage passes and front row seats. He was able to meet Blake Shelton face to face and hug to hug! After he met his Super Star, he became one too. To watch a wonderful interview from KWTX 10 click here

His deam has been covered on television, as well as radio station US 105. 

Dreams do come true!

(2012)  Was an exciting year. We made (3) dreams come true. Hydro Warrior Will Strong Jr. was granted a 30 day trip to Alaska with his family! 

Hydro Warrior Matthew was granted a VIP experience in Utah and a night he will never forget at a Ringo Starr Concert!

Hydro Warrior Jeff was granted his VIP experince in Nashville Tennessee. He was treated to all the sights and sounds of  Nashville!

Dreams do come true!

Dreams do Come True ~ Hydro Angel Award