Welcome to the registration page!

Camp Hydrocephalus, also known as "Hydro Camp™" is a one of a kind adventure for families living with hydrocephalus. Each year the last weekend of June (since 2010) we offer a 3 day camp, free of charge for a child or adult who has hydrocephalus, and up to 4 family members.

Lodging, food, entertainment and fun are all included. All you have to do is be able to get to Canyon Lake, Texas!

How do you qualify?

Simply complete the registration form by the deadline of April 1st. (That's no joke) Once we have all registrations, we will select by random draw (12) families to attend.

If you are selected we will contact you with a congratualtions call and confirm you are still able to attend. In the event you are not able to attend, we will select the next registration form. We will continue this process until we have a conformation from all 12 families.

Registration opens January 1 and will close April 1 

If you were not selcted this year, please apply for the following year.

If you have already attended Hydro Camp, please allow for other families to experience the the wonderful adventure of Camp Hydrocephalus "Hydro Camp"

All questions will be answered if you are selected. Each camper will receieve a welcome packet to include all the details you will need to have a wonderful time at Camp Hydrocephalus.

All children MUST be with a parent or gaurdian at all times.

We look forward to meeting you and and having fun in the sun at Camp Hydrocephalus. Good luck!

All questions will

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