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Do you want to host a bowling for Hydrocephalus Event? Sign-Up as a Volunteer

Welcome to our National Bowling for Hydrocephalus infromation page.

We hope you join us to help us STRIKE OUT the complex issues of hydrocephalus and fund our hydrocephalus programs & services! Each year we host bowling events across the nation in towns just like yours, thanks to the awesome volunteers who believe we are making a difference. Join us!

It has been our dream to have a 50 state sweep, though we have not reached that goal. This could be our year!

This event is easy, indoors, self cantained, and a fast action packed fundraiser. Fun for the whole family.

 Bowling for Hydrocephalus Registration Instructions

1. Register to participate at the event of your choice

2. Click submit

3. Pay for the registration below through PayPal

4. Select bowlers, add location, click the add to cart button

5. Start a fundraisng page by clicking the donate link for your city/state - we need your support!

6. Have fun raising funds and we will see you there!

5. Start a fundraising page (provided)

This link is used for all events. Please register then pay here.