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Purchase your hydrocephalus gear here. Hydro Bear & his books, magnets, T-shirts, wristbands & more. Hydro Store is temporairly closed.

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Join us at one of our events as a participant or a volunteer. Make Hydrocephalus Awareness Matter! Click the links below

School &"Other Event" Ideas 

Hiking for Hydrocephalus

Walk Run Roll for Hydrocephalus

Bowling for Hydrocephalus

Hydro Angels Charity Golf Classic 


Hydro Warrior Liz

Hydro Warrior Avery

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Join the Awareness Movement
Since 2012 Hydrocephalus Awareness has spread like fire, thanks to this amazing Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon. People from all over the world are making this ribbon matter, thanks to the efforts of Hydro Angels Over America and Desiree Bates who designed it. Read More 
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Welcome, We are happy you found our organization. You are not alone.

Hydro Warrior Liz


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Hydro Warrior Jason Maldonado's "dream come true" was to meet Blake Shelton. We made that dream come true. See the story. You can see all our dreams come true by clicking here.